EFI Technique

EFI Technique
Industry-leading Enterprise Print ERP Software

Printing industry leaders rely on the EFI Technique Enterprise Resource Planning solution to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information in the office and on the production floor for automated, efficient, and profitable business management.

Manage sales activities and opportunities, helpdesk activities, and campaign marketing projects, along with email, calendar, and social feed integrations with this comprehensive browser-based account and contact management suite.

Produce fully-calculated quotes in seconds or submit them to the estimating team with browser-based requests for quotes (RFQs). Online re-price functionality, PDF quote letter generation, and full RFQ status tracking further accelerate your workflow.

A unique, route-based calculation engine and graphical manipulation capabilities will dramatically improve the performance of your commercial departments. You can also convert quotes to orders in a browser-based environment.

Assign production routing across your enterprise with job planning functionality. Easily manage key events, complex versioning, insert profiling, and dispatch lists. Automatic cost calculations and materials based on current job specifications and production plans are synchronized with inventory and purchasing.

Manage your customers’ contract price lists, create related titles, and manage the forward schedule of repeat jobs. Additionally, generate price list quotations in seconds and streamline the contract billing process.

Gain deep visibility and make critical production decisions with Technique’s graphical production scheduling solution. Track capacity, use progress indicators for key events, quickly analyze planned  versus actual costs, and more.

Manage the requisition, authorization, purchase, receipt, and consumption of materials with Technique’s stock control system, which also provides barcode tracking for paper, work in progress, furnished items, and finished goods stock.

Job costing provides an integrated, standardized system that facilitates costing and profit variance analysis.

Automatically collect accurate, real-time production data including counts, machine status, speed, waste and downtime. Track paper yield and automatically consume roll and sheet-fed stock. Date- or cycle-based planned preventative maintenance helps keep your equipment running smoothly.

A connectivity suite designed to interface with external systems, including leading prepress workflow and financial accounts applications, allows you to harness the power of one integrated system.

Analytical reporting tools allow quick, simplified access to key information on which to improve business performance. A custom report builder and the ability to automatically publish reports to the user base keep the organization informed and agile.