EFI Technique

EFI Technique
Industry-leading Enterprise Print ERP Software

Printing industry leaders rely on the EFI Technique Enterprise Resource Planning solution to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information in the office and on the production floor for automated, efficient, and profitable business management.

By gaining visibility into every area of your enterprise and enhancing communication between everyone involved in every job, you gain the ability to implement confident, profit-building changes. With the EFI Technique Print ERP solution, you can integrate the many components of your business and automate countless manual touchpoints to lower costs, remove inefficiencies, and focus on business growth.

  • Increase sales effectiveness with mobile access to customer, prospect, quote, order, production information and more
  • Allow salespeople to produce fast, accurate production-ready quotes through online RFQs
  • Rely on rules-based system intelligence to produce complex, multi-option estimates in minutes with automatic calculations of most cost-effective production routes
  • Accelerate and increase profitable throughput by removing manual steps along your entire business and production workflow
  • Clearly see spare capacity, bottlenecks, missing components, alternative resource options and effects of proposed schedule changes
  • Distribute relevant, prioritized job tickets and documentation to shop floor work centers and resulting production status updates to managers
  • Closely track the life cycle, yields, waste and returned paper rolls from inventory to press and back
  • Continuously recalculate paper requirements to make efficient use existing stock and make smart, cost-efficient purchasing decisions
  • Use historical quality management and inventory control data to increase negotiating power with suppliers
  • Reduce energy consumption and waste by as much as 75%