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Printflow Dynamic Scheduling
Dynamic Scheduling and Resource Optimization

By intelligently optimizing the sequencing of jobs and synchronizing production as it considers the thousands of constraints that affect every step of every job, PrintFlow's holistic, rules-based approach to scheduling allows you to handle more work in the most profitable way possible.


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  • Provides dynamic scheduling views including an interactive Gantt chart
  • Provides a real-time production and schedule status at a glance
  • Allows drag-and-drop schedule editing with conflict alerts
  • Allows manual overrides and freezing and grouping of jobs
  • Provides on-site access and a remote web-view of scheduling information
  • Supports scheduling of outside services and tracks proofs out/in

  • Automatically loads new jobs as they are created
  • Automatically determines the optimal production path for every job
  • Synchronizes/sequences work based on job characteristics and production constraints
  • Creates automated, up-to-the-minute run lists for all work centers
  • Provides automated, real-time updates from the shop floor

  • Takes a holistic "global" approach, rather than the traditional focus on individual jobs or work centers
  • Continuously factors in thousands of constraints including customer requirements, job specifications, and the capabilities and availability of materials, tools, equipment, employees and more
  • Uses rules-based logic and can be configured to your plant's unique production methods and scheduling requirements
  • Supports parallel work centers, automating load distribution to equipment with similar capabilities

  • Provides unlimited what-if comparisons with weak link analysis
  • Generates capacity utilization and other reports for effective production analysis
  • Provides a proactive overtime impact analysis

  • Integrates with EFI print and packaging MIS/ERP solutions
  • Interfaces directly with EFI Auto-Count® Direct Machine Interfaces (DMI)
  • Supports direct and JDF-based integrations

  • Improves communication and awareness with live, company-wide visibility
  • Removes the constant guesswork and manual juggling of scheduling variables
  • Allows the scheduler to have greater impact in a more strategic role
  • Reduces managers' involvement in due date management
  • Promotes lean, efficient practices in every area of production
  • Optimizes the use of employees and equipment
  • Optimizes switchover operations and reduces setup time
  • Increases capacity, throughput, and on-time delivery
  • Eliminates slow, disconnected tag-based boards
  • Minimizes inefficient overtime shifts
  • Allows you to handle more work and keep more money from every job

EFI Theory of Global OptimizationPrintFlow has been developed under the umbrella of the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO). The theory recognizes printing and packaging as unique manufacturing processes consisting of a series of interdependent links where only a few constraints control the throughput, on-time delivery, and cost of the entire operation. By identifying and removing or controlling these constraints, you increase throughput and profits.

PrintFlow leverages smart software, using complex algorithms, to dynamically synchronize and optimize every step of the manufacturing process. The science of optimization works on the following premises:

  • Throughput is as important as job costing and cost accounting.
  • Profitability is created by the sum of all jobs, not the theoretical profitability of individual jobs.
  • Management must take a global view of the operation. Higher profitability in a single cost center does not necessarily lead to higher profits.
  • On-time delivery is not determined by the most efficient cost center, but by the largest constraint.

Constraints, including bottlenecks in the system, must be managed based on their impact on the overall system. While one bottleneck may be bad, others may represent cost-effective queues that actually improve efficiency and throughput.

As part of EFI's Productivity Suite workflows, our industry-leading MIS/ERP solutions for printing and packaging extend EFI PrintFlow's ability to intelligently and dynamically optimize your production schedule and resource utilization:

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