EFI PrintMe Cloud Service

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The EFI PrintMe® Cloud Service is installed in thousands of locations worldwide with millions of pages printed every year. 


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PrintMe® Cloud is EFI’s premier mobile cloud printing solution, trusted by over 4,000 establishments worldwide for more than a decade.

PrintMe Cloud allows businesses to provide customers and guests with an easier way to print while lowering IT support costs. Your customers can upload documents to the cloud for printing using laptops, smartphones or tablets anytime, day or night, and print their documents whenever it’s convenient for them.

PrintMe Cloud offers several options for connecting your printer to the PrintMe Cloud service. 

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  PrintMe Cloud Higher Education

Print service providers

Attract new customers and grow revenue by offering a new way for customers to find your business and send files for printing.  


Hospitality businesses

Offer customers a convenient printing service that is easy to use without setup or support. Use existing equipment to provide better services that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business. 

Higher Education/ Campus/ Libraries

Provide the convenient printing services that students, visitors and patrons demand, using self-serve payment stations.