EFI PrintMe Web Release

PrintMe Web Release
Connect to EFI PrintMe Service with
PrintMe Web Release
Simply use a computer with access to a printer and connect to the PrintMe Service with a web browser.

You can brand the PrintMe Web Release user interface with your logo and a rotating banner.

PrintMe® Web Release is one of several options for connecting your printer to the PrintMe Service to provide cloud printing services.

With PrintMe Web Release, customers (or your employees) use a web browser window to release files from the PrintMe Cloud to the printer. You only need:

  • An account on EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral to manage your PrintMe Web Release branding
  • A computer, monitor and keyboard — all of which can be used for other purposes
  • The computer connected to the Internet and to the printer — either directly or through a network
  • A print driver for the printer installed on the computer
  • Your logo and 1-3 clickable rotating banner images on the Web Release window to brand your service (optional)

Once users have sent their file(s) to the PrintMe Cloud, they simply click on the PrintMe icon on the desktop of the computer located near the printer. They then enter their release code on the screen to release and print their file.

Contact us for more information on how your business can offer PrintMe Cloud printing services.

Note: PrintMe Service and PrintMe Web Release have no automated billing or charging mechanism. For a self-serve payment system with PrintMe Cloud, see the
EFI M600 station