EFI Pro 30f

120 in x 80 in

Max. print area

2,130 ft²/ hr

Max. productivity

up to 1200 dpi


CMYK + 2 white


The pro flatbed printer you’ve always wanted

The EFI™ Pro 30f flatbed LED printer is everything you’ve been looking for in a true flatbed. Its larger bed size offers a printable area of 120 in x 80 in along with bleed printing. Plus, you can print on thicker media up to 4 inches. We’ve designed industry-leading white ink, precise double-sided printing, and more capabilities for you to print more applications – all for a lower cost per print. The Pro 30f flatbed printer delivers, job after job.


True flatbed printing

Six-zone, user-selectable vacuum system with a maximum printable area of 120 in x 80 in with a maximum media thickness of four inches. Easy installation through 86-inch-wide doors.

Production-level printing

Up to 2,130 ft²/hr, magnetic linear drive control, and high-volume ink jetting at an accurate level to support productivity.

Superb image quality

Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and four levels of variable-drop grayscale.

White ink and multilayer printing

Industry-leading white ink comes standard and can be imaged like any color or using multilayer printing for greater profit opportunity.

Clear ink

Optional clear ink can be used to enhance an entire image (full flood) or selected areas (spot) to add an extra pop to colors or special effects to graphics. The clear ink is printed in line with the other colors.
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Industry-leading LED technology

Extend your range of supported substrates, increase uptime, reduce operating costs, and move towards more sustainable production with low VOCs, lower energy consumption, and less waste and consumables.

EFI ProGraphics Series
LED Inks

Choose the EFI ProGraphics™ Series LED Ink that best meets your application needs. We use the same brilliantly colored pigments, so you always get the same great extended color gamut regardless of which ink set you choose.
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Transform-TF inks

Optional LED-curable digital inks formulated for first- and second-surface interior and exterior and non-backlit and backlit applications where common thermoforming is specified.
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Fiery Driven

Includes a built-in Fiery® proServer Core digital front end (DFE), featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology, plus RIP and print-on-demand functionality or the ability to print pre-ripped files.
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Fiery IQ

Use the Fiery IQ™ suite of cloud applications to connect your people, processes, and print devices to make better data-driven decisions that improve your ROI, minimize cost, maximize profit, and boost your revenue.
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EFI Pro 30f Thick Media Printing Power App

With the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer’s ability to print on thick media, this power app opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.

EFI Pro 30f Jig Printing Power App

Specialty applications are easy and quick because the Pro 30f printer’s jig printing power app has everything you need to get the job done.

EFI Pro 30f Lenticular Printing Power App

Specialty printing that requires absolute precision is a key feature of the EFI Pro 30f. Here’s a perfect example—the lenticular printing power app.

EFI Pro 30f Textured and Layered Printing Power App

With the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer’s white, texture and layered printing power app, high-value applications are fast and easy.

EFI Pro 30f Duplication and Nesting Printing Power App

With the duplication and nesting power app for the EFI Pro 30f, your productivity can double, triple, quadruple and even more.

EFI Pro 30f Double-sided Printing Power App

With the double-sided printing power app, a very challenging technique becomes quick and reliable on the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer.

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