71 to 142 in

Working widths

98 to 492 ft/min

Mechanical speeds

12 to 55 in

Roll batch diameter



The latest generation jiggers for fabric preparation and dyeing

EFI™ Mezzera JIGGER machines represent the latest generation of pressured jiggers for atmospheric dyeing. Our full line ranges from a small jigger for sampling to a jumbo machine and intermediate sizes in between. The jiggers are equipped with two electric motors with variable speeds independently controlled by vectorial inverters. Tanks are stainless steel, with operating methods designed to reach the highest washing efficiency.


Drive system

The jigger is equipped with two separate electric motors
with variable speed driven by independent AC vectorial

Speed adjustment

The circuit that controls the speed uses a high-resolution
encoder to ensure accurate adjustment despite the
change in the diameter of the fabric roll.

Tension control

Tension can be set in the PLC according to the fabric specifications. The load cell, positioned on
the back-roller under the liquor, measures in real-time
the tension applied to the fabric and sends the value to the PLC. The set and measured values are compared and the difference, if any, is immediately set to zero, synchronizing the AC motors through the inverters. The fast and accurate compensation of any tension fluctuation that may occur allows you to process delicate fabrics (including bi-stretch) with the same tension throughout the cycle.


A central equalizer swingarm is used when treating delicate fabrics that are sensitive to applied tension. An oscillating equalizer is applied for medium to heavy fabrics. Both solutions aid in the fabric being rolled/unrolled onto the winding rollers.

Liquor circulation – heating

The liquor circulation unit has been designed to keep treatment liquor flowing at all times, so that the chemical products are perfectly mixed together and to ensure a perfect and uniform dyeing. Both direct and indirect heating systems ensure fast temperature control, saving production time and steam consumption. An external heat exchanger is also available on demand. Chemical products are prepared in an external tank that has its own direct heating pipeline, a circular washing pipeline, a filter, and a discharge on/off valve.

Washing and rinsing

A special technical execution permit to wash and rinse in
countercurrent ensures an effective washing action with
significant advantages in terms of water consumption. The washing effect is increased with a twin set of spray pipes (positioned on each side of the swing lever) to generate a blade of water with an efficient washing effect.

Dyeing process control system

The control system is based on a state-of-the-art PLC
installed in a watertight cabinet. The ergonomic control panel with touchscreen allows you to save the working cycle into the PLC, and recall and execute the cycles whenever necessary.

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