Fiery System 10

There are many Fiery® tools that help you increase your productivity and improve the efficiency and quality of your print jobs. To help you take advantage of these tools, EFI™ has developed a comprehensive set of how-to guides that walk you through each tool. You can select any of the following tool categories for access to the how-to guides any time you need it.

Note: The how-to guides are intended for use with Fiery Command WorkStation® 5 and Fiery System 10 software. Some files may work with previous Fiery software versions. Also, some Fiery features are dependent on specific engine capabilities. If you have any questions about your Fiery server, please contact your Fiery supplier.

Select the how-to guides from the following categories:

Document Preparation

Description File Size Download
Merge JPEG Files and Print a Photo Booklet
Submit and merge JPEG files from the same folder and automate job settings like impostion to create a photo booklet in few clicks.
19.51 MB
Print a Booklet from SeeQuence Impose
Booklet Imposition in SeeQuence Impose is a fully visual and intuitive document imposition utility. It allows you to print multiple pages of a print job in a booklet style using any file format.
60.26 MB
Print a Perfect Bind Booklet
This binding method consists of a number of signatures or individual leaves between covers of much heavier paper, glued together at the spine with a strong flexible adhesive which is glued along the edges of the text sheets and binds the text to a wraparound cover.
11.79 MB
Spread Across Pages Using User Defined Workflow
The user defined finish size workflow in Fiery Impose honors the designer’s intent by automatically detecting the trim box and bleed box defined in the source document to base the imposition on those parameters in a few clicks.
9.36 MB
Automate offline finishing with Duplo finishers
Fiery Impose templates can include barcodes and registration marks recognizable by Duplo finishing equipment. These instruct the Duplo finisher on how to position its blades, cutters, and creasers to finish the document appropriately. The integration of Fiery Impose with Duplo finishers brings drastic productivity gains by automating the offline finishing process.
12.82 MB
Auto tab and text stamping by PDF bookmark level
Learn how to peed up composition of long jobs including chapter and subchapters by treating all bookmark levels independently and easily program multi-bank tabs or insert bookmark text as a stamp on the page. Spend only seconds or a few minutes on what usually takes hours to achieve!
23.93 MB
Graphic Arts

Description File Size Download
Produce Consistent Color with Job Based Calibration
Job based calibration increases color consistency since it offers a easy path to customize the calibration for a specific job and the associated media and profiles.
6.19 MB
Capture Colors and Reproduce them Accurately
Use the ES-1000 spectrophotometer to capture colors from colored candies and reproduce them accurately in your color documents.
498.39 KB
Job Management

Description File Size Download
Optimize engine throughput
Take advantage of advanced job management functions at the Command WorkStation to optimize the throughput in your production printing environment.
310.56 KB
Automate Job Submission from the Application
Configure a virtual printer, set job ticket specifications, and assign imposition properties in order to automate job submission from the application.
59.68 MB
Variable Data Printing

Description File Size Download
DataProduce Personalized Postcards
Utilize MS Word mail merge engine to convert a customer spreadsheet into variable-element text. Combine a static background layout to produce postcards with a personalized marketing message on both front and back. The demo script showcases FreeForm technology and Fiery Impose to produce effective one-to-one communications.
2.72 MB
How-To: Print personalized variable length catalogs
Produce impactful one-to-one booklets to promote products and services by personalizing them with customer contact information and products offerings related to their personal preference, age and sex. The personalized booklets vary in page quantity and Fiery Impose adjusts the booklet layout based on the individual page count.
391.71 MB