EFI-fogra•cert - Certified Proofing, Validation Printing and Digital Printing

EFI-Fogra DigitalPrint Expert (DPE) Programme is a certification that ensures that specialist dealers and consultants can set up standardized systems using Fiery Digital Front Ends to produce fogra•cert compliant proofs, validation prints and prints according to the Fogra ProcessStandard Digital, guaranteeing high quality and reliability. If requested, the dealer also can submit a reference proof or validation print to acquire the fogra•cert "Contract Proof Creation" or "Validation Print Creation". Additionally DPE´s can perfrom the audit and guide printing companies through the ProcessStandard Digital certification.

The EFI-Fogra DPE initiative was developed by EFI and Fogra, the leading standardization organization in the German-speaking and European printing industry to keep dealers and consultants up to date and to help them to perfectly support printing houses and prepress businesses.

"EFI-Fogra DPE" – training and certification

The intent of this initiative is to educate dealers and consultants install and calibrate a Fiery Digital Front End that produces fogra•cert compliant proofs (Contract Proof Creation - CPC) and validation prints (Validation Print Creation - VPC). Additionally, the dealers and consultants will be trained to comply to the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) and will be able to perform the necessary audition at the customer side. The class also offers insight on the latest standards and trends in the graphics industry and also includes PDF-X- Ready and PDF-X-Creation certification. At the end of the three-day course, Fogra tests the participants' theoretical and practical knowledge. By receiving the certificate, all parties involved are guaranteed reliable, high-quality proofs every time.

"VPC & CPC" – Proof/Validation Printing certificate

Fiery DFEs installed by dealers with "EFI-Fogra DPE" status produce proofs/valdiation prints in accordance with ISO 12647-7/8 specifications. Reference proofs can be printed from the systems and sent to the Fogra to obtain the "fogra•cert" certification. The fogra checks whether the proof/validation print complies with the standard and issues the "fogra•cert" certificate attesting this quality to the Fiery enduser and his customers.

"PSD" – ProcessStandard Digital certificate

The Process Standard Digital (PSD) was developed by Fogra. It is the description of an industrially orientated and standardized procedure for the creation of digital print products. The PSD is in conformance with the international standardization series ISO 15311 currently being developed. Using the PSD certificate service providers can show their quality approach and the overall understanding of the output processes. Successful implementation of a the PSD provides printers with the benefits of improved cost, quality and time performance, with better sustainability and reduced waste.

Prepress, Printing and End Customer Benefits

  • Ensures companies that certified operator possesses demonstrated skills in calibrating and installing Fiery DFEs.
  • Simplifies proofing/valdiation print as well as ProcessStandard Digital printing process for businesses, saving them time, money and resources.
  • Offers providers the security of a first-class system.
  • Ensures end customers of high-quality prints.