Fiery ColorRight Package


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使用适用于 Fiery FS400 和更高版本嵌入式服务器的 Fiery ColorRight Package,您可以确信您的输出中的颜色和图像每次都能正确打印。您可以轻松校正颜色和图像,无需再请设计师进行修改。


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使用 Fiery ColorRight Package,您可以确信您的输出中的颜色和图像每次都能正确打印。 使用这组专业的可视化工具轻松校正颜色和图像,无需再请设计师进行修改。 
Fiery Spot Pro 产品信息。 强大的专色管理工具,提供一致、准确的品牌色彩.
Fiery 使用指南
Fiery Control Bar Builder has a WYSIWYG interface, which displays different color bars and job information. Each custom control bar can be used across all media sizes, reducing setup time and simplifying the operator’s job.
Improve the output quality of photos with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor and save prepress time by eliminating lengthy image editing tasks to make photos look their best.
Use the Fiery ColorRight Package to easily correct color and images in files. Check a file for errors using Fiery Postflight. Manage, import, and optimize spot colors in Fiery Spot Pro. And, make color adjustment and replacements in Fiery ImageViewer. (FS500 or newer embedded servers)
Reduce wasted prints and improve efficiency by using tools right on the Fiery server to troubleshoot files and make color adjustments
比较 Fiery Spot Pro 和 Fiery Spot-On 专色管理工具的特性