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Fiery® JobFlow™ 将自动执行印前工作流程中的作业准备步骤,以生成打印就绪文件。这款易于使用的打印工作流程自动化软件可以提高生产效率并降低成本。

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自动化不需要您“动手”。了解有关 Fiery JobFlow 如何通过提高自动化水平来帮助您获取更高效益的信息。
确定 Fiery JobFlow 能否为您的业务节省时间的 4 种方法。
Fiery JobFlow 产品概述演示,详细介绍了功能、特性和优势。
Fiery Command WorkStation 6.4、Fiery 排版调整解决方案中的新功能,包括 Fiery JobMaster、Fiery Impose、Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition 和 Fiery FreeForm Create
Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3、Fiery Color Profiler Suite、Fiery 排版调整解决方案中的新功能,包括 Fiery JobMaster、Fiery Impose 和 Fiery JobFlow.
Fiery Command WorkStation 6.2、Fiery 排版调整解决方案中的新功能,包括 Fiery JobMaster、Fiery Impose 和 Fiery JobFlow.
了解有关 Fiery JobFlow 2.5 新功能的更多信息.
了解有关 Fiery JobFlow 2.7 PDF 中新功能的更多信息.
Fiery 使用指南
配置虚拟打印机、作业预设或 Fiery Hot Folder 以设置作业工单规格,分配拼版属性,实现任何类型作业提交流程的自动化。
此 Fiery JobFlow 示例工作流程使用 JobFlow 作业工单将多个文件合并到单个作业中并定义文件顺序。通过自动标记章节并在之间设定书签来准备作业,让其可以在 Fiery JobMasterTM 中插入标签。(仅提供英文版)
This Fiery JobFlow workflow allows you to address challenges when processing business cards. The workflow will automatically add bleed if needed, so business cards with edge-to-edge content are finished correctly. Landscape business cards are rotated to portrait so to minimize the number of imposition templates.
This booklet imposition Fiery JobFlow workflow sharpens images and splits Tabloid spreads to Letter pages.
Use Fiery JobFlow to add finisher marks for the Standard Horizon AF-566F finisher.
World of Fiery newsletter - December 2020, Issue 45
Routes jobs to applicable workflows based on file name. Each individual workflow then applies steps applicable for the application. For business cards JobFlow checks and fixes orientation and bleed, for booklets JobFlow splits pages larger than Letter. Note: don't forget to download the sample set from JobFlow Library. Requires JobFlow 2.3 and Fiery Impose.
Fiery JobFlow 的第1级级软件维护和支持协议。本文档包含内容的所有本地化版本。
Appends a user provided string to filename and then copies the job to another JobFlow workflow. Fiery JobFlow Connect Packages can be imported via the JobFlow Resources menu. Requires JobFlow 2.3.
Convert images from over 200 formats to PDF with ImageMagick by ImageMagick Studio LLC. After importing via JobFlow Resources, one can add this step before JobFlow Convert. Requires JobFlow 2.3.
本指南包含如何下载和安装 Fiery JobFlow 的逐步说明。
有关如何使用 Fiery® JobFlow™ Connect 模块的最佳实践和快速提示。(仅提供英文版)