EFI Rialco Industrial Ink Products

EFI Rialco

A Wealth of Systems Expertise

EFI Rialco formulates systems for the timber preservation sector, and dye powders and other components for the ink sector.
EFI Rialco is an established specialist chemicals company with a wealth of expertise in the sector. We value innovation and place great emphasis on our research and development capabilities. We work very closely with a number of international customers developing bespoke products and concepts to meet particular technical specifications.

We are a leading supplier of formulated systems for use in the timber preservation sector. Our dye powders and other products are major components used in the ink sector.

The company was established in 2003 by three directors – Paul Davies, David Williams and Claire Mirfin. All three had previously worked together at Yorkshire Chemicals, while Paul and David also had long careers with ICI/Zeneca in various international management roles.

In 2012, we re-located to a new site, increasing our production capacity and capability. Well-equipped laboratories were installed and EFI Rialco now has over 28,000 square feet of warehousing for the storage of chemicals.

Research and development
With a customer focus on product development, we work closely and confidentially with a number of international companies to develop tailor made products. Extensive expertise in allows us to develop products that enhance our customer’s marketing offers, providing them with unique products.

  • Particle size analysis – We offer a specialist service to measure particle size using the latest Malvern® Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction equipment. This technology is particularly useful for makers of pigment dispersions serving the inks and surface coating industries.
  • International logistics – Years of experience in the international trading of chemicals has developed expertise in trading, import and export, as well as logistical expertise.
  • Liquid blending – Our liquid blending facilities are most commonly used to combine liquid dyes and surfactant. Typical blend sizes are four tons, although smaller blends are also possible.
  • Sourcing – Rialco’s directors have many years of experience in sourcing and chemicals from around the world, particularly from Asia. We provide sourcing service for several international companies.

For more information, contact RialcoUK@efi.com.