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EFI Reggiani solutions are designed to meet the needs of fashion designers and textile manufacturers around the world. Ensure high-quality prints with the softest hand feel, vibrant colours, sharp details, and smooth gradients that comply with green standards.

Home textile

Home textile

Offer eco-friendly and high-quality prints with excellent wet and dry fastness properties, a wide and vivid colour gamut, remarkable sharpness in detail, and highly customisable designs to make your customers' homes unique.

Outdoor textile applications


Produce eco-friendly and high-quality prints with excellent light fastness properties, a wide and vivid colour gamut, remarkable sharpness in detail, and highly customisable designs for outdoor use.

Girl posing in trendy sportswear


Elevate your design possibilities with the ability to print a wide colour gamut, brilliant shades, and smooth transitions for demanding high-density applications like sportswear.

Colorful textile bags


Make your accessories standout with colourful, high-quality prints. Customise each piece of your collection with unique designs that meet today's trends and styles.

Colorful textile sleepwear


Print eco-friendly sleepwear with the softest hand feel, brilliant colours, and sharp details. With EFI Reggiani textile solutions, you get the ability to print highly customisable designs and comply with green standards, so your customers sleep comfortably.

Colorful textile children's clothing


Make your baby clothes more comfortable, safe, and playful with EFI Reggiani textile solutions.

Colorful textile swimwear


For swimwear styles that will rock at the beach or pool, rely on EFI Reggiani digital printers for the most vivid colours and the highest fastness properties.


Print deep and brilliant colours with excellent ink penetration for all types of flags.

Explore our Textile Solutions

EFI Reggiani Digital Printers image

EFI Reggiani Digital Printers

From small businesses to complex industrial plants, EFI Reggiani printers are high-performance solutions that keep textiles and profits flowing. Our scan and single-pass printers are the global leading technologies for virtually every fabric and paper printing application. Outstanding productivity and performance, and printing accuracy and quality, combined with low ink consumption, give you the most competitive cost per metre available on the market.
EFI Reggiani Analogue Printers image

EFI Reggiani Analogue Printers

With an installed base surpassing 3,000 units, EFI Reggiani analogue printers represent premium quality and reliability. With extended uptime, fast setup, and reduced water consumption, EFI Reggiani analogue printers are top-performing machines delivering high efficiency and profitability.
EFI Mezzera Pre and Post Treatment Machines image

EFI Mezzera Pre and Post Treatment Machines

The EFI Mezzera high-efficiency fabric preparation and finishing lines improve all the characteristics of the finished garment for textile perfection.
EFI Jaeggli Yarn Treatment Machines image

EFI Jaeggli Yarn Treatment Machines

The EFI Jaeggli Extensa hank mercerizing machine for yarn treatment offers high operational flexibility, easy repetitiveness, and absolute evenness. Get consistent top results in the yarn’s final quality in terms of vibrancy, strength, dimensional stability, and dyeing affinity.
Genuine EFI Textile Inks image

Genuine EFI Textile Inks

Deliver the most brilliant shades on any textile application with a full range of certified, environmentally friendly, water-based inks.