EFI Mezzera Bleaching

Bleaching Line for Open Width Woven and Knitted Fabric

Continuous open width desizing, scouring, bleaching range. Fabric ready for dyeing or printing. Mezzera technology gives the customer a wide range of possibilities, tailoring the preparation range according to their individual specifications.

  • Multiple customizations available
  • Quick answer to production requests
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Easy access to main machine modules
  • Easy to use
  • One operator can manage the line
  • High and uniform bath application on the fabric
  • High interchange from bath and fabric
  • Low bleaching liquor volume
  • Precise dosing system of the chemical products
  • Saturated steam is internally generated on water bed embedded into the steamer itself, by injecting live steam in the water bed. Substrates steam formed by mixing the line steam with stratified steam.