EFI Mezzera Singeing

Singeing and Impregnation Line for Open Width Woven Fabric

Continuous open width desizing, scouring, bleaching range. Fabric ready for dyeing or printing. Mezzera technology gives the customer a wide range of possibilities, tailoring the preparation range according to their individual specifications.

Companies are required to satisfy high quality standards based on efficient production management. As such, the need to use modern technology is of prime importance in order to increase product quality and, at the same time, to reduce costs and working times.

The singeing machine is an excellent way of obtaining high quality fabrics given that singeing improves all the characteristics of the finished garment. When the short fibers that stick out of yarn are singed, the fabric becomes smooth and clean.

Fabrics that have undergone a singeing treatment are easier and faster to desize if they are immediately impregnated with the desizing liquor.