EFI Reggiani BLAZE

Don’t follow the path. Blaze your own trail

The EFI Reggiani BLAZE printer is the easy-to-use, smart solution for taking your first steps into the world of industrial digital textile printing. The BLAZE printer is equipped with EFI Reggiani’s state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing quality and reliability. And with extreme flexibility on the widest variety of designs, it satisfies an extensive array of small-scale customer needs.

EFI Reggiani Blaze
Print heads and ink system
  • Up to 8 colours
  • 8 print heads, 300 dpi, dual channel
  • Full variable drop size
  • Printing resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Continuous ink recirculation system equipped with level sensor and degasser
  • Ink management: continuous in-line degassing and filtering
  • Print head crash protective system
Printing carriage
  • Linear motors and optical encoder to ensure precise and seamless print head motion
  • Enhanced carriage layout for easy access and maintenance
Fabric handling
  • Teflon-coated gluing roll synchronised with printer feeding system
  • Adhesive application with heat glue activation
  • Possibility to use thermoplastic, resin and permanent adhesives
  • Continuous and switchable belt washing unit
Electronics and software
  • User friendly, intuitive interface
  • Real-time image processing: no image pre-calculation
  • High uniformity printing modes
  • Flexible queue management
  • Job editor: what you see is what you get at each and every moment
  • Printing speed and ink usage prediction
  • Complete reporting and diagnostic features