Rotary Printers
The Rotary printer
REGGIANI's big success is largely due to the rotary screen printer UNICA.  A wide and narrow width suitable for woven and knitted fabrics, for household and fashion as well, with great satisfaction and PROFITABILITY.
EFI Reggiani UNICA allows to print woven and knitted fabrics, wide and narrow width, for home textile and fashion as well

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Number of colors: up to 24
Speed: up to 90 mt/min.
Print heads: 640-1018 mm
Print width: stepless adjustment
Operating & color side: right or left
Gluing system: pneumatic squeegee
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Flat bed Printers
The Flat screen printer
The flat screen printer PRIMA keeps the charm and the potentialities of serigraphic printing. This new flat bed printer is equipped with printing units, in two different options, to satisfy the needs of a simpler and immediate operation on the machine.

EFI Reggiani PRIMA: the flat bed printer which satisfies both high performing exigencies and simple machine operations

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Useful printing table: 10÷56 mt
Number of colors: 4-24 max.
Advancement: at adjustable speed
Screen lifting up: adjustable height & speed
Operating side: right or left
Print table height: 80 cm from the ground
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