EFI Reggiani PRIMA

Analogical excellence

For more than 60 years REGGIANI has been focusing on innovation, quality and customers exigencies for competitiveness. This long lasting history allows REGGIANI to be on the market with PRIMA, the flat bed printing machine which satisfies both high performing exigencies and simple and friendly machine operation.

Extraline Printing Technology

PRIMA control and driving system, like all REGGIANI machines, is made by ‘top down’ interfaces connected through a field-bus. The easiness and reliability of the system, allow a ‘top down   access to all the main functions by means of one 15” TFT touch screen and two 6” touch screens, one at the entry and one at the exit of the machine, as well as by means of the control panels on each printing units.
A built-in modem, allows the connection to REGGIANI After Sales Service. All the printing parameters and the related data are anyway protected and inaccessible to guarantee Customer privacy.

Machine Entry / Dynaplast

The fabric feeding, by means of built-in devices, allows to keep constant and controlled all the desired variables, like:
  • Fabric width
  • Fabric tension
  • Kind of fabric
The Dynaplast system synchronizes the discontinuous blanket advancement with the entry speed by providing constant speed at the introduction of fabric. This reduces the fabric tension and it is particularly suitable for knitted fabric.

The Dynaplast can be heated; this feature allows to glue the fabric onto the printing blanket in case of thermoplastic adhesives.