EFI Reggiani PRIMA

Analogical excellence

For more than 60 years REGGIANI has been focusing on innovation, quality and customers exigencies for competitiveness. This long lasting history allows REGGIANI to be on the market with PRIMA, the flat bed printing machine which satisfies both high performing exigencies and simple and friendly machine operation.

  • Models: 180 – 320 – 340 cm
  • Useful printing table: 10÷56 mt
  • Number of installable colours: from 4 to max 24
  • Repeat fractioning: optional
  • Squeegee pass: weft wise
  • Squeegee system: ‘bridge’ ‘EXTRALINE’
  • Printing unit set up: independent per each printing unit
  • Advancement: at adjustable speed
  • Screen lifting up: at individually adjustable height and speed
  • Flat screens: serigraphic with four hooking-up devices
  • Operating side: right or left (upon request)
  • Colour feeding: manual or automatic (optional)
  • Printing table height: 80 cm from the ground


MSP Multi Stepping Printing: ‘Jumping’ printing for ‘Sarees’.