EFI Reggiani UNICA

Analogical excellence

REGGIANI’s big success is largely due to the rotary screen printing machine UNICA. More and more Customers WORLDWIDE are printing woven and knitted fabrics, wide and narrow width, for household and fashion as well, with great satisfaction and PROFITABILITY.

  • Closed bearing printing heads
  • Multi-repeat printing heads (from 640 to 1018 mm, no need of tools to change the repeat)
  • Totally sealed and long-life lubricated printing heads (no maintenance)
  • Step-less adjustment printing height according to the thickness of fabric
  • Step-less adjustment printing width (any screen cutting length accepted)
  • Individual screen drive with one or two BRUSHLESS servomotors in closed loop
  • UNIFLUX linear magnetic system
  • Easy and simple machine operation, with touch screens interfaces
  • High reliability-efficiency electronics.