EFI Reggiani UNICA

Analogical excellence

REGGIANI’s big success is largely due to the rotary screen printing machine UNICA. More and more Customers WORLDWIDE are printing woven and knitted fabrics, wide and narrow width, for household and fashion as well, with great satisfaction and PROFITABILITY.

Dust and Lint removal device

Reggiani supplies a system to remove dust and lints from the fabric to be printed, resulting from the Reggiani’s knowhow. The new inverter allows the reduction of the torque and the modulation of the suction required. 

The new pneumatic glue application

Allows the perfect and continuous adjustment of the thickness of the glue on the fabric, reducing the maintenance job.


Pneumatic stainless steel pumps with different deliveries. The high quality of their components allow the use of colour pastes with different values of viscosity always assuring a perfect printing evenness.

Rapid Pump washing: optional 

This system, introduced on Reggiani machines to reduce dramatically the waste of time and water, allows the rapid washing of the colour feeding circuit (ducts, suction, delivery, colour pump) by means of established sequences of pressurized water ejections. The standard time execution is 30 seconds, the water consumption is max. 30 lt/colour.

The new Blanket washing system

Reduces considerably the water consumption. Two brushes, one for each tank, work with variable speed to optimise the blanket cleaning. Four rubber squeegees (the last one adjustable as well) clean and dry perfectly the blanket. The two brushes are equipped with inverter that allows the reduction of the torque and the adjustment of the brushes rotation speed according to the printing speed.

Multi-repeat printing heads

Blade squeegee 180 cm, repeat 640

Washing-on-line system (wol: optional)