1600 to 2591 mm

Working width

150 m/min

Max. speed

The pioneer in denim finishing

EFI™ Mezzera DENIM FINISHING equipment creates the finest fabric and enhances dyeing performances while increasing production and lowering costs. The full product line includes denim singeing, caustifying and mercerising denim, overdyeing and pad batch, and ultrasonic washing and dyeing booster machines.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Cleaning and double singeing ramps
– Activa single- or double-thread washing boxes
– Intermediate squeezers
– Four to 10 compartment washing boxes
– Ultrasonic washing booster in each box
– 12- to 45-metre fabric content
– 3 to 10 tons (40 kg/cm) squeezing pressure
– Complete tensioning system roll-to-roll in mercerising
– Wide roller diameter
– Dyeing steamers from 20 to 60 metres of content
– Dyeing pad batch with oleodynamic squeezers technology

Key benefits

– High exchange water ratio
– Auto-cleaning filtering devices
– Easy segmented coilers maintenance in each box
– Double sprays option for each box
– Impregnation-dwelling-stabilisation with complete warp tensioning control


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