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EFI Reggiani PRIMA Flatbed Printer

1803 and 3404 mm

Print widths

4 to 24


10 m to 56 m 

Useful printing table

adjustable height & speed

Screen lifting

weft wise

Printing movement

pneumatically adjustable

Squeege pressure

The fastest flatbed in the market

The EFI™ Reggiani PRIMA provides high-performance printing and friendly machine operation. The Extraline control and driving system allows for top-down access to all the main functions through one 381 mm TFT touch screen and two 152 mm touch screens at the entry and exit of the printer. With the EFI Reggiani PRIMA, printing pressure applied on the screen is simple and precise, assuring high-quality results with all the repeats – but with no need for any additional equipment. The desired features of hand printing are available because of the innovative pressure/speed adjustment system. Lifting-up speed, lifting height, and delays can be adjusted for each stroke, satisfying the needs of any printing application.


Wide range of fabrics

Suitable for any kind of fabric from woven, knitted, elastic, and synthetic, to cotton and silk.

Machine entry/dynaplast

Fabric feeding, using built-in devices, allows for constant control of fabric width, tension, and type of fabric. The dynaplast system synchronises the blanket advancement with the entry speed to reduce fabric tension, making it ideal for knitted fabric.

Simple operation

Easy and simple man/machine operation using touch screens and touchpad. The control panel, placed on the operating side of each printing unit, provides functions such as printing speed, printing mode, printing pressure, and more.

Precise blanket movement

Printing blanket movement is driven by brushless motors and is controlled in a closed loop for precise control.


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