EFI Armor Coatings

When your print wears Armor, it’s ready for anything.

Whether you’re printing on rigid boards, flexible media or thermoforming materials, you need to protect your print from the sun, weather, wear and tear, even chemicals. EFI™ has the post-printing coating formula for success – EFI Armor. Our line of proprietary products does a lot more than coat. It defends. It shields. It guards. It preserves.

EFI Armor Shield
Protect your print from graffiti or create stunning dry-erase applications.
Protect the color of your printed graphics on ridge materials with EFI Armor UVR UV roll coating.
When your print wears Armor, it’s ready for anything.
Defend your thermoforming applications on rigid materials with EFI Armor UVT roll coating.
Shield digitally printed graphics from sun and element exposure, and harsh solvents and chemicals with EFI Armor WB water-based coating.
Shield printed graphics on flexible materials with EFI Armor UVF UV roll coating.
When it comes to commercial development of decorated industrial and consumer products, the thermoforming market faces significant limitations in process efficiencies. As is so often the case today, decorating thermoformed plastic is accomplished primarily through post-forming decoration with decals, self-adhesive labels, air brushing, etc. Not only is this approach costly from a labour and waste perspective, but often also implies the use of custom pre-pigmented sheeting stock and the inventory management challenges that accompany it. Pre-forming decoration (applying graphics to sheets before forming) removes the time-consuming, manual steps required in traditional decoration processes.
How-to Guides
Spray gun types currently being used to apply our EFI Armor WB matte and gloss coatings.