EFI Armor Coatings

When your print wears Armor, it’s ready for anything

Whether you’re printing on rigid boards, flexible media, or thermoforming materials, you need to protect your print from the sun, weather, wear and tear, and even chemicals. EFI™ has the post-printing coating formula for success – EFI Armor. Our line of proprietary products does a lot more than coat.
It defends. It shields. It guards. It preserves.

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Protect your print, your color, and your reputation with EFI Armor coatings

Shield printed graphics on flexible materials from sun and element exposure with EFI Armor UVF, a non-yellowing, clear roll coat developed with excellent chemical and solvent resistance.

Preserve the colorfast properties of printed graphics on rigid media for up to three years with EFI Armor UVR, a fast-drying, non-yellowing, clear roll coat. 

Defend your thermoforming applications against outdoor weathering and abrasion, and harsh solvents and chemicals with EFI Armor UVT, a fast-drying, non-yellowing, vacuum-formable clear coat developed for first surface thermoforming applications on rigid materials. 

Guard against sun and element exposure, and harsh solvents and chemicals with EFI Armor WB, a water-based, non-yellowing clear coat with excellent elongation characteristics.

Protect your print with the anti-graffiti EFI Armor AntiGraff UV clear roll coating with exceptional adhesion to styrene, acrylic, polyester, coated metal, coated cardboard stock, and other rigid materials. It’s also an ideal coating for dry-erase applications on rigid-printed graphics.