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Hanan Yosefi

Vice President, EFI Inkjet Israel

With EFI’s acquisition of Matan Digital Printing in July 2015, Hanan Yosefi transitioned from the CEO of Matan to serve as Vice President of EFI Inkjet Israel. Hanan brought with him rich, successful experience as a superwide-format display graphics and printing applications provider within the market, a hub for the printing industry. During his time at Matan, Hanan led the company with a focus on roll-to-roll printer solutions, which resulted in one of the industry’s strongest offerings of material handling features, most of them backed with registered patents. Since the acquisition, Hanan has continued to lead his team to grow and innovate as part of one of the world’s leading providers of industrial inkjet printing products. Hanan holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and graduated from the Executive Business Management program at Tel Aviv University.