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Ken Hanulec

Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Ken Hanulec is a veteran print industry marketer who has helped the industry advance with the adoption of key digital print technologies in his 30+ year career in the graphic arts. As Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Marketing, he is responsible for global initiatives at EFI that help customers thrive with digital print and integrated, automated production workflows. Ken also has global marketing responsibility as VP of marketing within EFI’s Display Graphics business, directing product management staff for wide- and superwide-format inkjet technologies. He has also served on the Suppliers/Distributors Council Steering Committee of the International Sign Association.

Immediately prior to joining EFI in 2011, Ken was vice president of global operations for digital print-on-demand provider Hubcast (now part of Mimeo). He got his start in digital print technology sales and marketing in 1991, working in client education, product management, and sales positions, respectively, with Linotype-Hell and Mitsubishi Imaging. He joined Creo (now part of Kodak) in a sales role in 1995 and was subsequently promoted to be Creo’s vice president of marketing. A graduate of SUNY Oswego, Ken is based in EFI’s Manchester, N.H., headquarters.

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