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EFI Cretaprint Hybrid Printers

1440 mm

Max. print width

up to 60 m/min


up to 360 dpi


up to 12

Printing bars

The only ceramic ecosystem of its kind

EFI™ offers a complete ceramic decoration ecosystem designed for the specific needs of the industry. EFI’s ceramic tile printers, ceramic inks and glazes, colour management software, and a complete service programme will help you drive process efficiencies, increase productivity and quality, and meet environmental requirements.



Hybrid technology

The only hybrid inkjet printers for ceramics that can work with water-friendly inks and eco-solvent inks. Six EFI Cretaprint printer models to choose from with up to 12 printing bars.

Easy to use

The multi-language and touch screen user interface makes operation intuitive with direct access to main functions, printing bars, and the transport system. The alarm status is always on the screen.

5th generation software

Supports many user applications, such as:
• TAS for automatic tone adjustment
• Fine tunning for density balancing
• Nozzle out for clogged nozzle compensation
• SCADA application for Industry 4.0
• EFI Go to monitor your printers from mobile devices
• ID printing for master tiles and traceability

Communication 4.0

This optional application for the EFI Cretaprint printer software provides interfaces with a standard Modbus protocol to allow third-party SCADAs and PLCs access to printer parameters, such as machine status, models printed on each line, tile characteristics, ink levels, printed feet, and alarms.

Configurable service programme

A configurable service programme that includes technical assistance, preventive maintenance, ceramic design, and ink plans.

EFI Cretaprint Shield

Complement your equipment by placing satellite EFI Cretaprint Shield printers before tile printing to apply digital glaze, or post tile decoration to apply glues and other effects.

Fiery Driven

EFI Fiery proServer for ceramics – the world’s first color management software for tile decoration.


Genuine EFI Cretacolor Inks Brochure

Genuine EFI Cretacolor Inks Brochure

Genuine EFI™ Cretacolor Inks are an essential element in high-quality, consistent, and reliable ceramic tile decoration.

Genuine EFI Cretacolor Inks

Genuine EFI Cretacolor Inks

Genuine EFI Service

Genuine EFI Service