EFI Cretaprint C4 Twin

Industrial inkjet printing for ceramics made simple

With EFITM Cretaprint C4 Twin printer’s dual printhead approach, you can access the most advanced inkjet decoration for ceramic with a reasonable investment. The C4 Twin’s doubled printing bars use a single row of dual printheads Xaar 2001+.

Assembling two printing bars grants a simpler machine while EFI technology ensures the robustness and productivity of the printer. View Image Gallery


A reliable choice

Our state-of-the-art digital printers are prepared for 24/7 use in the highly demanding industrial environment of ceramics.

Tile thickness detector

A dual laser at the material supply entrance detects any possible defects on the tiles and enables the height adjustment of the printing bars.


The powerful suction system is an outstanding feature of EFI Cretaprint printers because it ensures a perfect printing surface.

Precise transport system

A guiding device at the entrance of the machine lines the tiles while the anti-vibration system assures accuracy and precision while printing.

Cleaning system

Combined with the vacuum, EFI Cretaprint printers use an advanced automatic nozzle cleaning system that generates significantly fewer permanently missing nozzles.

Operation and daily maintenance

The accessible sliding bars greatly ease maintenance tasks. Besides, daily ink refilling operation is quick and easy thanks to the extractable tanks

Ink system

EFI Cretaprint ceramic printers use an optimized ink system with a tubing design to avoid pigment-settling.


The software excels especially with its ease of use and its intuitive interface.

EFI Electronics

Genuine EFI electronics are perfectly matched to each print-head type and guarantees absolute control.

Specific features for tile industry

Features like linearization and ink consumption calculation or Tone Adjustment System (TAS) that guides the user through the process of study and application of changes in tone or intensity to apply to a model.

Dual printhead Xaar 2001+

EFI Cretaprint C4 Twin uses this ultimate print-head to bring versatility and a cost effective configuration.