EFI Cretaprint Ceramic printers

A reliable and future-proof solution for tile decoration

Modularity and versatility have always been Cretaprint’s hallmarks; together with robustness, they are essential part of latest technology for ceramic tile decoration. 

Hybrid ceramic printers

EFITM Cretaprint® Hybrid printers are able to operate with water-friendly inks as well as current eco-solvent based inks.

The new hybrid printers have improved their ink delivery system, cleaning and electronics to keep humidity and prevent sedimentation.

They are available in widths from 700 to 1400 mm and with up to 12 printing bars. They include the 5th generation Cretaprint® software that make them the Smart Printers for ceramic because of connectivity and user applications:

  • TAS, automatic tone adjustment
  • Fine Tunning
  • Density Compensation
  • Scada application for Industry 4.0
  • EFI Go app for movile devices
  • ID Printing for master tiles and traceability.

EFITM Cretaprint® Shield 

Completing hybrid printers, EFITM offers satellite bars for digital glazing and other applications to do full digital ceramic decoration.  

Choose them to complement your equipment and place them prior to tile printing to apply digital glaze or after tile decoration to apply glues and other effects. 

Cretaprint Shield

The digital application bars are 1470 mm width and include 2 printing bars.

Water based ceramic inks

EFITM Cretaprint® offers a water-friendly ceramic ink set that simply work.  

Water based inks are a source of direct benefits: 

  • The lower amount of organic component formula translates into a reduction of more than 90% of VOC emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Reduction of carbon emissions by an average of 73%.
  • Reduction of chemical solvents used for cleaning, thus a more sustainable manufacturing process.
  • Less drying time.
  • Greater integration with the rest of the ceramic processes in the plant and elimination of hydro-repellence phenomena.
  • Higher print quality due to better definition of the image with respect to solvent based inks.
  • Greater chromatic range as it is not necessary to limit the color.

Water based digital glaze

As part of unique EFITM Cretaprint® Hybrid Ceramic Ecosystem, we offer digital glazes for a new manufacturing process that is both respectful with the environment and a source of savings: 
  • Digital glazing allows more homogeneous application of glaze, which guarantees first quality in large format pieces and slab manufacturing.
  • Less loss of glaze both in application as well as cleaning.
  • Staff can dedicate to greater value tasks.

Service Programs 

EFITM Cretaprint® Hybrid printers include technical assistance service as well as preventive maintenance in the associated guarantee.
EFITM Cretaprint® service programs are configurable so you can combine them and enjoy the flat rate that best fits your equipment to be sure your printers are always at full capacity: 

  • Technical assistance service: extension of the standard guarantee.
  • Preventive maintenance: periodic maintenance service and replacement of parts that deteriorate over time.
  • Ink program: color management, regeneration and replacement of printheads.