EFI Cretaprint P4

The flexible digital decoration solution you need today

EFITM Cretaprint P4 printer is the ideal printer for manufacturing slabs in your regular ceramic production line and respond to new market needs for architectural, furniture and new uses of tile pieces. View Image Gallery



P4 is a modular printer. You can choose from the different settings. All in one printer: choosing the configuration that best suits you, you just need to invest in what you really need. Also, our ceramic printing technology is multi-head, so you can customize the configuration of your printer to the maximum.

EFITM Cretaprint P4 has an ideal printing width of 1400 mm to decorate the kind of ceramic pieces your market demand in your regular manufacture: slabs

In addition, with DTP, you take most of the printer width in all your manufacturing cycles as you will be able to print big pieces in two lines with two different designs simultaneously.

All the options are with a single motion system

efi cretaprint p4 configurations


All the operational components of EFI Cretaprint printers for ceramics make them a robust and reliable choice. Among them, they stand out:
  • Vacuum
  • Print system
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Accessible bars.


Assure best printing quality and tight decoration process in your manufacturing thanks to the electronic and software components of our machines:
  • The electronics of our printers is designed and manufactured entirely in EFI to have absolute control of the print-head printing.
  • The management of the printer by operators is tuned up and integrated with design and color management systems to ease connected and optimized plants