Take your corrugated box and display printing business to the next level

The single-pass inkjet printing technology is a transformative technology for increasing printing capabilities and crafting new business models. You can dramatically improve workflow, take on more customers, respond to customer changes faster and deliver jobs with short turnarounds with the most efficient solution for high-quality graphics printing on corrugated. 

 H1625-SD   Nozomi C18000 Plus
The first complete and most equipped line for industrial single-pass printing of corrugated boxes and displays.
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  Colours: CMYK, CMYK+W, CMYKOV, CMYKOV+W configurations available
Max. Sheet Size: 1.8 m x 3 m
Resolution: 360 x 720 dpi
Max. Speed: Up to 75 linear m/min
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EFI Nozomi 14000 LED    Nozomi 14000 LED
The second generation of industrial single-pass corrugated printing presses. It is a very compact and robust option to go digital now. 
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  Colours: CMYK, CMYK+W, CMYKOV, CMYKO+W configurations available
Max. Sheet Size:  1.4 m x 2.4 m
Resolution: 360 x 720 dpi
Max. Speed: Up to 75 linear m/min
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