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The image quality that comes off of EFI Nozomi printers turns plain boxes into colorful brand magnets. Graphics are the perfect balance between definition and mass color printing.

Woman sitting on a couch and opening a eCommerce box.

eCommerce packaging

Digitally printed eCommerce corrugated packaging is cost-effective and a beautiful way to improve the unboxing experience with printing on both the outside and inside of the box.

A variety of colorful, fashion subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes

Elevate your customers' subscription box businesses with digital printed eCommerce corrugated packaging.

Eco-friendly look and feel

Digitally printing directly to kraft with white ink makes printing colorful images on brown boxes possible, satisfying your customers’ wishes to keep it nice and green.

Box featuring LUXE limited edition holiday colors nail polishes.

Limited edition packaging

Turn every package into an unboxing event with lifestyle images, brilliant graphics, and timely messaging.

Personalized packaging

Customize packaging with names or codes, and/or tie into promotions. Digitally printed packaging beats inserts, stickers, and labels.

Displays and pallet wraps

High-quality printing for large format boxes and displays with minimal parts. Pallet wraps are more attractive than ever.

Different versions of olive oil corrugated cardboard packaging.

Versioned short runs

Short and customized print runs for specialty products are now efficient with high-quality graphics that set you apart.

Colorful, glossy graphics on corrugated cardboard produce box for watermelons.

Appealing packaging

Enhance your product's perceived value with packaging that features colorful images, glossy or matte finishes, or spot gloss effects.

Shelf ready packaging

Digitally print shelf-ready corrugated packaging that grabs attention as it hits retail shelves.

On box advertising

Leverage the flexibility of digital printing to boost your business with on-box advertising or to cross-promote products.

Box featuring a deal on a camera.

On box promos

Avoid using stickers, reduce handling, and streamline market A/B testing with digitally printed promotions on the packaging.

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For Brands

Don't overlook an opportunity to leverage your eCommerce packaging as a key marketing channel. Learn how you can enhance your brand, elevate your customer experience, and stay top of mind with the power of digital printing for corrugated eCommerce packaging.
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Corrugated Packaging Solutions

EFI™ Nozomi single-pass inkjet printing technology is a transformative technology for increasing printing capabilities and crafting new business models.
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Metal Packaging Solutions

The metal packaging industry can now benefit from highly flexible, industrial digital inkjet printing with the advanced capabilities, efficiencies, and sustainable printing of the EFI™ Nozomi 12000 MP single-pass printer.