EFI Jaeggli Extensa

Yarn Mercerizing Line

The brand new hanks mercerizing machine type Extensa by Jaeggli, equipped with completely new electronic control and operative system, brings into the yarn mercerizing new concepts of high operational flexibility easy repetitiveness and absolute evenness, achieving top results in the final yarns quality thanks also to the huge stretching force up to 80 tons.

The new process technology, by means of the fixed-tank system, allows to use always completely new soda at constant parameters, after recycling it through the all-in-one caustic preparation and recycling unit type Eco-Block.

The ready-made soda lye refills the process tanks enabling the rapid and full soaking of the hanks guaranteeing uniform reaction time of the yarn while the high efficiency squeezing rollers helps firstly the deep penetration of the soda into the fibers and then allow a big saving of money squeezing out most of the residual soda from the hanks.

The model Extensa is finished with stainless steel cases and automatic covers and it can be equipped with manual or robotized loading system (optional).

  • Nominal hanks size: 1372 mm.
  • Hanks size: 1372/2286 mm.
  • Max. loading capacity: 12 kg/cycle (average 10 kg.)/cycle.
  • Max. production: 132 kg/h (with ALS).
  • Mercerizing cycle time: 320 sec. (std. cycle) double mercerization available
  • Hanks weight: from 250 up to 1250 gr
  • Stretching force: up to 80 tons
  • Soda consumption: 300 gr - NaOH 100% per each kg of - dry yarn at 30°Bé and 20°C.
  • Hot water: 200 lt/cycle at 80°C (recovery).
  • Cold water: 100 lt/cycle (recovery).