EFI Reggiani HYPER

Hyper quality and productivity beyond limits

Override your limits with outstanding printing quality, extreme design possibilities and the unparalleled speeds of the EFI Reggiani HYPER scan digital textile printer. The EFI Reggiani HYPER is the fastest scan digital textile printer in the market. Thanks to 72 new print heads available only on the HYPER and EFI Reggiani’s legacy continuous ink recirculation system, it is also a champion for uptime and reliability, maximising the printer’s availability for production with excellent printing results.


Print heads and ink system
  • 72 recirculation print heads with 600 dpi native resolution
  • Full variable drop size
  • Enhanced auto-calibrating continuous ink recirculation system
  • Ink management: in-line continuous degassing and filtering
  • Print head crash protective system
  • Innovative print head maintenance system, featuring contactless wiping
Printing carriage
  • Double bridge for maximum stability and accuracy
  • Easy carriage access for smooth maintenance on all the print heads
  • Integrated environmental sensor for constant humidity and temperature monitoring
Fabric handling
  • EFI Reggiani exclusive dynaplast roll compensating step vs. continuous movement
  • High-precision transportation belt
  • Embedded magnetic system for adhesive application
  • EFI Reggiani original longitudinal belt movement control
  • Belt washing with both continuous and stop-and-go capabilities with air blade included
Electronics and software
  • EFI Reggiani proprietary electronics and software
  • Real-time image processing: no image pre-calculation
  • Printing parameters and geometry change on the fly
  • High uniformity printing modes
  • Job editor: what you see is what you get at each and every moment
  • Reporting and diagnostics available from GUI
  • Possibility to monitor and export all printing and printer data to an external DB or ERP
  • Suitable for integration in Industry 4.0 projects