EFI Reggiani VOGUE

A master of speed and quality while saving energy

Most fashionable qualities? Mastering speed and tension to ensure the most accurate fabric handling. Plus, VOGUE’s innovative ink recirculation system grants ink saving and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. Even more, VOGUE reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy. 



  • 16 printing heads
  • Maximum media width: 180cm
  • Media weight: 30-350 gr/m2 (woven and knitted)
  • Fabric feed (entry)
    • Roll unwinder up to 400mm
  • Fabric take-up (exit)
    • Fold
    • Roll winder up to 400mm
    • Fold and roll winder up to 400mm (optional)
  • Dryer
    • One industrial chamber with conveyor belt with 1 or 3 passages
  • Drop size from 4 to 72 pl
  • Up to 2400 DPI 


  • Production speed: Up to 325 m2/hr
  • Typical speed: 200 m2/hr