EFI Reggiani VOGUE

71 in

Print width

3,498 ft²/hr

Max. productivity

600 x 2400 dpi

Max. resolution



Speed and quality while saving energy is always in VOGUE

The EFI™ Reggiani VOGUE is the perfect printer for industrial productivity without compromising on flexibility. The innovative ink recirculation system reduces ink and maintenance costs during machine operation and between stoppages. The printing software and high uniformity printing modes ensure real-time image processing and high-quality results. And the VOGUE printer masters speed and tension for the most accurate fabric handling you’ve ever experienced.


Enhanced ink recirculation system

The innovative ink recirculation system saves large quantities of ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. What’s more, the VOGUE printer reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy.

Printer software

Get real-time image processing and the ability to change printing parameters and geometry on the fly. Easy-to-plan and flexible queue and job list keeps jobs moving. Ink consumption and speed prediction before printing keep operators in the know.

Proprietary printhead electronics

Printheads are embedded in a fully enclosed protection cap with a single cable. Easy printhead removal and simplified print carriage layout make maintenance easy. Quick and tool-free print head alignment for printing accuracy.

Integrated environmental sensor

Monitor temperature and humidity in the printing chamber with on-screen reporting that warns the operator when values are exceeding the set point.

Industry 4.0 friendly

Install plug-and-play sensors and smart actuators for diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Most competitive TCO

Thanks to the printer’s quality and reliability as well as minimum maintenance needs, the VOGUE printer ensures a competitive cost per foot and total cost of ownership (TCO), making it the ideal solution for maximum cost-effectiveness.


EFI Reggiani VOGUE Digital Printer

EFI Reggiani VOGUE Digital Printer

Digital printer that masters the speed and quality of direct fabric printing.

EFI Reggiani Digital Product Range

EFI Reggiani Digital Product Range

For textile producers ranging from small businesses to complex industrial plants, EFI Reggiani digital printers offer high-performance solutions that keep textiles and profits flowing.

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