EFI Nozomi 14000 AQ

140 cm x 240 cm or 140 cm x 300 cm with full stacker

Max. board size

up to 100 linear m/min


apparent 1200 dpi



Colour configuration

Get ready to make waves

Get ready to disrupt the status quo with a true water-based, single-pass digital inkjet printer for high-resolution printing on corrugated. The EFI™ Nozomi 14000 AQ printing system for corrugated packaging is here – and it offers business-building advantages that will help you make waves in your market.


High productivity and maximum efficiency

The Nozomi 14000 AQ single-pass printer features industrial speeds, giving you more capacity to respond to customers faster and deliver jobs with short turnarounds. And with the efficiencies of digital printing, you can produce shorter runs and customised jobs at lower costs.

High-quality graphics printing

The Nozomi 14000 AQ printer is the most efficient way to produce superior printed packaging to enhance shopping and consumer experiences. Profit from high-resolution capabilities for exceptional print quality, and excellent text and barcode definition – all with finishes similar to offset or flexo printing.

True water-based inks

The Nozomi 14000 AQ printer uses true water-based inks that do not contain UV-reactive chemistries and comply with major regulations and best practices, such as the Swiss Printing Ink Standard, the Nestlé exclusion list, and the European Printing Ink Association (EUPiA).

Driven by Fiery

The Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end provides outstanding image and colosr quality with features to make your print results truly exceptional.

Fiery IQ

Use the Fiery IQ™ suite of cloud applications to connect your people, processes, and print devices to make better data-driven decisions that improve your ROI, minimize cost, maximize profit, and boost your revenue.


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