Packsize EFI X5 Nozomi

< 6.5 seconds

Cycle time

up to 600 boxes/hour

Machine speed

Varying widths, up to 4 tracks

z-Fold® supply


Printing colours

The world’s first full-colour erected box system

Introducing the Packsize® EFI™ X5® Nozomi – the world’s first full-colour, on-demand, right-sized box system. It prints, cuts, creases, glues, and erects customised boxes with high-resolution graphics in a single solution. The X5 Nozomi system combines Packsize’s award-winning, fully automated X5 On Demand Packaging® system with EFI’s industry-leading Nozomi single-pass digital inkjet printer line for corrugated. Transform your brand and the customer experience with full-colour, ready-to-pack, right-sized boxes on-demand.


Digitally printed, right-sized boxes

Produce a digitally printed, right-sized box in as little as six seconds. Each box can vary in size and design, allowing for enhanced targeting, on-box advertising, variable data, and true 1:1 marketing.

High-quality graphics printing

Print full-colour, high-resolution graphics on the entire box area. Match Pantone® and brand colours with CMYKO extended gamut.

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Streamlined production

Streamline and enhance packaging production by bringing box design and manufacturing in-house. Reduce labour with printing, die cutting, folding, and gluing all in line, without operator intervention.

Mindful sustainability

Offer a sustainable solution with right-sized boxes, eliminating overproduction, printing plate waste, and carbon emissions.

Genuine EFI Inks

Unique EFI LED inks are designed with the specific properties needed to produce spectacular images on corrugated substrates. They meet OCC certification for recyclability and re-pulpability and the GREENGUARD Gold standard with no hazardous volatile organic compounds, and no need for vapour recovery.

PackNet cloud platform

Seamlessly integrates with PackNet® production and optimisation software from Packsize. An advantage for high-volume centers, this technology integration assesses and creates the most efficient and proven custom box-making experience in the e-commerce marketplace.

Printing driven by Fiery

The Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end provides outstanding image and colour quality with features to make print results truly exceptional.


Packsize EFI X5 Nozomi System Spec Sheet

Packsize EFI X5 Nozomi System Spec Sheet

Specifications for the Packsize EFI X5 Nozomi system that produces full-colour, ready-to-pack, right-sized boxes on-demand.

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Genuine EFI Packaging Inks

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Genuine EFI Service