Genuine EFI Inks

Print with flying colours

Only Genuine EFI UV LED Inks ensure the purity, consistency, reliability and results you need to increase your profit potential and expand your application offering. Period.

The quality your customers demand. The performance your business needs.

Specially formulated roll-to-roll inks

Engineered to be highly flexible and easily coated, making them ideal for fleet and vehicle graphics and a variety of other flexible media applications. They are even designed to handle embossing and edge curl so you can produce double-sided banners without bleed-through and hang full-bleed banners that look brilliant.

Hybrid inks that deliver dual-performance

Our latest generation hybrid flatbed/roll-fed printer inks are designed to deliver increased performance and a wider colour gamut. They’re formulated to be both very flexible for roll-to-roll applications yet hard enough to provide adhesion across a broad range of light and heavy rigid substrates.

Dye-sublimation inks with a competitive edge

Our aqueous dye-sublimation CMYK inks offer a wide colour gamut and deep colour saturation. That equals bolder, brighter, and more brilliant colours for exceptional fabric display graphics. And they print directly to polyester-based fabrics and transfer paper. Our special ink formulations contain less water, so you can use lighter, less expensive papers. Lighter paper means faster transfer times using less energy. And that will boost your productivity.

Speciality inks with special characteristics

EFI continually develops specially formulated products. From clear inks to inks that adhere to challenging materials to those that meet the demands of deep-draw thermoforming, we never stop coming up with more ways to help you print with flying colors.

Our ink durability promise

We take your business – and our inks – very seriously. That’s why most of our Genuine EFI Inks come with a warranty of up to two years against outdoor fading and five years indoors.

Our commitment to helping you print with flying colours is exemplified by our efforts with 3M™ to co-develop 3M-qualified ink sets for our product portfolio. As a result, EFI has more 3M™ Performance Guarantees and 3M™ MCS™ Warranty* offerings than any other company.

Inks for a Super Range of Applications

EFI – 3M™ SuperRange UV LED Ink offers a hard surface cure, a wide colour gamut, excellent adhesion properties, and the industry-leading 3M™ MCS™ Warranty when printing with cobranded EFI and 3M UV LED inks on 3M flexible media.

Ink Performance that’s as Impressive as it is Flexible

EFI – 3M™ SuperFlex Ink not only offers an extended colour gamut, but also delivers super flexibility for fleet and vehicle graphics, outdoor applications, and more. With its super elongation characteristics and the ability to withstand heat installation without cracking, SuperFlex ink qualifies for a seven-year 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for vehicle graphics.

Environmentally friendly LED inks

Formulated to offer a wide colour gamut and deliver consistent, repeatable results, EFI LED inks print on thinner, heat-sensitive, and speciality substrates, so you can offer customers more applications and lower-cost material options. We also develop our LED UV inks to get you closer to achieving a smaller environmental footprint and greater profitability with every print.

Energy-efficient LED technology drives down power consumption. LED inks cure at a lower temperature than solvent and traditional UV inks, eliminating the need for high-powered lamps. LED UV-cured inks also are immediately dry – there is no need for additional heat to evaporate water off of printed graphics.

EFI LED inks are UL GREENGUARD-certified, meeting UL’s rigorous standards for low-level emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) intended to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.

EFI LED Inks are also UL GREENGUARD Gold-certified, meeting even lower total VOC emission levels for use in sensitive indoor environments, such as schools and hospitals.

EFI LED Inks allows you to print on a wide variety of rigid and flexible environmentally-friendly substrates.

EFI ProGraphics Series Inks

Inks made for real results in the real world

Choose the EFI ProGraphics™ Series LED Ink that best meets your application needs when you order a new EFI Wide Format “Pro” series printer. They have been custom-formulated based on real-world applications, and exhaustively tested and optimised for our wide-format printers. We use the same brilliantly coloured pigments, so you always get the same great extended colour gamut regardless of which ink set you choose.

Transform your Business with Digital LED Thermoformable Inks

EFI Transform-TF inks are next-generation, LED-curable digital inks formulated for first- and second-surface interior and exterior and non-backlit and backlit applications where common thermoforming is specified. Optional Transform-TF inks are optimised for EFI VUTEk 32h, VUTEk h3, VUTEk h5, and EFI Pro 30f printers.

Clear ink options

We offer clear ink options for many of our inkjet printing platforms designed for the sign and display graphics market. Decorative clear inks can be used to enhance an entire image (full flood) or selected areas (spot) to add extra pop to colours or special effects to graphics. The clear ink is printed in line with the other colours.

EFI UltraClear Coat for our roll-to-roll LED printers can be used for decorative applications as well as for a final protective coating. UltraClear Coat prints inline, simultaneously with the image, and in gloss or matte finish with the same ink.