EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED

180 cm 

Max. print width

65 linear m/min


360-720 dpi 


up to 6

Colour channels

Satisfy your need for speed in a single pass

The EFI™️ Nozomi 18000+ single-pass LED printer is the single best way to accelerate your business with the ability to run an impressive variety of substrates along with enhanced priming and print varnish capabilities. Designed and built for the sign and display graphics market, it will turbo-charge your throughput with super-high speeds and ultra-high quality. All with just-in-time, on-demand, every-board-is-different print capability – and so much more – all in a single pass.


Impressive substrate and application range

Compatible with a wide range of materials and handles boards/sheets up to 12 mm thick or as thin as 0.3 mm with optional fully automatic feeding and stacking. Print to corrugated plastics and other adhesion-challenged materials with the UV primer and reflective or coloured surfaces with optional pre-white.

Super-high-speed production

Productivity of 1,000+ 1.2 m x 2.4 m sheets per hour and all the efficiencies needed to handle burst capacity for print runs from one to several thousand or more, including pallet-to-pallet material automation, automatic registration, fully recirculating ink delivery system, automatic nozzle plate cleaning, and an artificial vision system for colour uniformity, defect, and nozzle out detection.

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Ultra-high quality

CMYK with four greyscale levels plus optional White, Orange, and Violet to expand the gamut to achieve 95+% of the Pantone® library and full-width artificial vision quality inspection.

Colour configurations

Six colour channels are available for a choice of CMYK+W, CMYK+O, CMYK+OV, or CMYK+W+O.

Post UV coater

Add weatherability and UV protection to outdoor applications with the optional post-UV coater.

Genuine EFI Inks

Custom formulated, tested, and optimized for the Nozomi 18000+ LED printer to ensure you get a great extended colour gamut, durability, reliability, consistency, and predictable running costs.

Driven by Fiery

The Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE) provides outstanding image and colour quality with features to make your print results truly exceptional.
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Fiery IQ

Use the Fiery IQ™ suite of cloud applications to connect your people, processes, and print devices to make better data-driven decisions that improve your ROI, minimise cost, maximise profit, and boost your revenue.
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Leading print providers choose EFI

Customer Story

The Delta Group leverages EFI Nozomi single-pass printing technology to remove process steps and waste and improve speed to market.

We’re always asking what we can do differently, what we can do to differentiate ourselves. That’s what led us to look at the Nozomi C18000.
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Martin Shipp

Chief Operating Officer

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