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Sign & Display Inkjet Printer Training

At EFI, we believe that operator training is vital for obtaining the skills necessary to optimize the wide range of performance and capabilities that EFI inkjet printers can provide to your business.

That is why we offer live classes and online training programs with some of the best industry experts using the latest technology – both in the classroom and through our blended learning options.

The key to leveraging your EFI printer investment

Training and skill development can maximize the return on investment of your EFI inkjet printers. Our Essential, Operator, Service and Maintenance, and Production Training options provide a detailed, immersive exploration of preparing your operators to become the crucial link between your EFI technology and outstanding profitability for your business.

Which training is right for you?

Essential Operator Training

The Essential Operator Training program is a self-paced, online video series specifically designed to familiarize an operator with the essential functions and daily maintenance routines for EFI inkjet printers.

After taking this online course, an operator must attend Operator Training to become an EFI Certified Operator.

Send an email to to request enrollment in Essential Operator Training.

Operator Training

Operator Training is a three-day course that can be delivered in two different ways:

  • In our Londonderry, NH Training Center: Operators can travel to our state-of-the-art training facility where our professional trainers provide high-level training with the latest equipment (equipment availability varies)
  • At your worksite: Our industry-leading training staff can travel to train at your location on your printer

During Operator Training, operators receive the knowledge and skills required to operate your EFI printer(s). EFI trainers share their experiences and best practices for efficient print production.

The Operator Training program is focused on five main subjects:




Fiery XF

Printer set-up

To receive a two-year certification at the end of this course, the operator must pass the online assessment with 80% or higher. After two years, the operator will be notified and will be able to re-certify for another two years.

If you have any questions regarding Operator Training, please contact:

Service and Maintenance Training

Save production time with Service and Maintenance Training. Service and Maintenance Training expands upon the regular maintenance taught in Operator Training for a longer interval between potential service visits. Replace printheads and recover from head crashes more quickly with a certified service and maintenance operator on your team.

Service and Maintenance Training is a three-day, instructor-led program available only at the EFI Training Center in Londonderry, NH. The training focuses on four main areas:


Image quality troubleshooting

Printhead replacement and proper alignment

Replacing common parts

To receive a two-year certification at the end of this course, the operator must pass the online
assessment with 80% or higher. After two years, the operator will be notified and will be able to re-
certify for another two years.

These classes are only held a few times a year. Printer availability varies. Please see the training schedule for available printers. For more information, please contact:

Production Training

Production Training is specialized training custom delivered in your facility, using your media, and designed to help your operators meet production expectations. Our instructors will spend up to three days assessing the team’s skill level, reviewing the processes currently used at your site, answering operator questions about the printer in your production environment, and refining maintenance and basic troubleshooting practices.

By the end of the training, your operators should be fully prepared to manage your print output in line with your production goals.

Since Production Training is customized to your unique needs, a conversation between our training team and your production manager is required to ensure that we are prepared to work in your environment.

For more information, please email