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Day/Night backlit graphics

With EFI’s industry-leading white ink and multi-layer printing, you can produce premium-margin backlit applications that will boost your bottom line.

A display of sunglass and framed poster of a model wearing Eye Shade sunglasses.

Retail graphics

Print on a wide range of rigid and flexible materials to create photographic backlit graphics, retail signage, POP displays, posters, and more with EFI hybrid flatbed/roll-fed printers.

Indoor/Outdoor banners

Produce stunning banners with brilliant graphics and images, single- or double-sided, to help promote events, store locations and sales, restaurant openings, and much more.

Decorative graphics on a Brightons store windows.

Window graphics

Use window film with an adhesive backing to create full-color graphics applied to the inside or outside of windows.


Produce custom wallcoverings with EFI superwide LED roll-to-roll printers. Create exciting textures, eye-popping colors, cool motifs and more with white, clear, and multi-layer printing on a wide range of UV printable wallcovering materials.

Exhibition and silicone edge graphics (SEG)

Printed on tension fabric and edged with a thin silicone strip, these durable, lightweight fabric graphics are stretched on aluminum frames, can be backlit, are easy to transport, and can be used over and over again.

Home and hospitality furnishings

Produce beautiful, digitally printed fabrics and other custom décor applications fast and efficiently with EFI dye-sublimation soft signage printers. They offer production level speeds and outstanding image quality with the ability to print direct to fabric or transfer paper for the creation of decorative items, such as headboards, drapes, shower curtains, tablecloths and much more.


EFI VUTEk FabriVU soft signage printer are equipped with a flag printing kit that manages the high volumes of ink needed for printing flag applications where ink penetration is needed on both sides of the material.

3D signage/thermoforming

Graphics printed with EFI Transform-TF Inks are ideal for high-elongation thermoforming applications, such as outdoor signage, POP signs and displays, day/night backlit signs, promotional products, beverage lights and signs, vending and gaming panels, and much more.

Truck side curtain advertising berries.

Truck side curtains

With EFI superwide roll-to-roll LED printers, truck side curtains are printed, coated, cut to size – all inline – and ready for other post processes thanks to EFI’s unique PRINT - COAT - CUT workflow that saves time, money, and labor

Fleet and vehicle graphics

A very cost-effective form of advertising and a great way for brands to connect with consumers on the go. With EFI – 3M™ SuperFlex Ink, you not only get an extended color gamut but also super elongation characteristics that withstand heat installation without cracking. SuperFlex ink qualifies for a seven-year 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for vehicle graphics.


Produce cost-effective out-of-home applications, such as billboards and posters, with EFI's superwide roll-to-roll printers and optional Power Tools.

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Roll-to-roll Printers

EFI™ superwide roll-to-roll printers offer the best in terms of performance, versatility, cost of ownership, usability, and environmental friendliness.

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Flatbed Printers

True flatbeds print on sheets of flexible or rigid materials, irregularly shaped or heavy objects, or materials with uneven surfaces, which are held down securely to the table with a vacuum system throughout the printing process. Flatbed printers allow for extremely precise and high-quality printing, allowing the operator to place drops in exact locations, even on existing images.

Hybrid Flatbed/Roll-fed Printers image

Hybrid Flatbed/Roll-fed Printers

Hybrid printers offer the ultimate in flexibility because they are capable of printing roll-to-roll, flexible sheets, and rigid substrates in a single footprint. With fast changeover from flexible to rigid materials, hybrid printers offer cost-effective production and are perfect if you want to provide a wide variety of applications to your customers.

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Super-high-speed Printers

EFI™ super-high-speed printers for the sign and display graphics market are designed for ultra-high volume producers who want to shift their capabilities, productivity, efficiencies, opportunities, profits, and margins into overdrive.
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Soft Signage Printers

Produce beautiful, digitally printed fabrics, soft signage, banners, flags, and other custom applications faster and more efficiently with inline fixation or a one-step transfer process with EFI™ production-level dye-sublimation printers.

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Specialty Printers

Printers for the production of thermoforming applications, traffic and roadside safety signs, and more.

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Genuine EFI Inks and Coatings

Genuine EFI™ Inks and Coatings are custom-formulated for every EFI sign and display inkjet printing system. It’s how we ensure you get the highest color quality, durability, performance, reliability consistency, and predictable running costs.