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Genuine EFI Cretacolor Inks for Ceramics

water-based and eco-solvent

Inks and Effects

Creating great quality ink is anything but child’s play

Genuine EFI™ Cretacolor Ink is the essential element for decorating ceramic tiles with the highest quality and consistency. Our unique set of eco-solvent and water-based ceramic inks and effects have been developed with a particular emphasis on performance and reliability, and simply work.



EFI Cretacolor Inks are sediment-free, so there’s no clogging or damaging of printheads. 

High performing

EFI Cretacolor Inks are stable and uniform so they consistently deliver intense colors and a wide color range.

Proven experience

EFI has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical formulation, production, and packaging of digital inkjet inks for ceramic tile decoration.

Stringent quality control

Our stringent ceramic ink manufacturing processes and the rigorous control of our raw materials ensure the quality required for inkjet ceramic tile printing.

Ecosystem approach

Our unique digital ceramic decoration ecosystem approach combines inkjet printers, inks, and Fiery® proServer color management for high-quality decoration, maximum performance, and lower costs.

Pushing the boundaries on color gamut

Our bright yellow and ruby red inks further expand the color gamut of EFI Cretacolor ceramic inks. Replacing yellow with bright yellow ink gives you a broader and better color space.

Our bright yellow ink stands out in the field of ceramics for its lemon-yellow intensity and because it provides a wider gamut of greens when mixed with cobalt blue. In some cases, it can even replace the need for using cyan instead of cobalt blue, or using green ink, to obtain a mellow gamut of greens.