EFI Cubik for tableware decoration

Digital inkjet printing turns tableware into a profitable opportunity

Digital inkjet printing is a new option for tableware decoration that allows you to print direct to ceramic plates and dishes. Inkjet is a contactless technology that does not require plates or silicone pads and prints edge to edge on reliefs.

EFI Cubik for tableware
Frame and separated printing bars
  • Compact and reduced frame, holding up to 8 printing bars.
  • Sliding bars are accessible for daily operations and maintenance tasks
  • Vacuum system between printing bars for a highly efficient steam and mist extraction.
Printer Entrance
  • Adjustable guides ensure smooth article conveyance.
  • A dual laser detects both the position and height of each piece so that the printing bars adjust their position to the plate’s height.
  • An optional artificial vision system at the entrance of the printer helps adjusting the graphic to the exact position of the plate.

Transport system
High precision conveyor belt system with optimal power control and an automated cleaning system.

Ink delivery system
  • Total ink recirculation: avoids pigments sediments and removes air in the system
  • Constant temperature and pressure control.

Inkjet plate
High precision plate for plug and play that assures better printhead alignment and simplifies future adjustments.

Ink deposits
  • Slide, accessible tanks
  • Level and temperature control
  • Easy clean and refill


Automatic nozzle cleaning system
  • Non-contact wiping head cleaning system generates significantly fewer permanently missing nozzles.
  • It also reduces downtimes, thus increasing productivity. 
Electronics and software
Proprietary electronics and powerful software for data processing. Constant bidirectional communication with printhead enables constant feedback

User Interface
  • The multi-language and touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface with direct access to main functions, printing bars and transport system, and the alarm status is always on screen.
  • User applications: 
  • TAS for automatic tone adjustment
  • Fine tunning for banding compensation
  • Nozzle out for clogged nozzle compensation
  • ID printing for master plates and traceability