Mezzera Pre and Post Treatment Machines
Preparation Line
Greatest versatility in continuous preparation for open width fabrics
The purification of textile fibres gives the fabric all the characteristics for dyeing and printing processes. This treatment include mercerizing, bleaching and singeing opearations.

Mezzera Mercerizing
Open width caustic soda mercerizing plant

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Working width: 1800/3400 mm
Working speed: 30 to 60 m/min
Assembly: modular
Fabric type: woven and knitted
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Mezzera Bleaching

Open width pad-steam bleaching range

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Bleaching range: 40 to 100 m/min
Bleaching steps: 1 or 2
Fabric type: woven and knitted
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EFI Reggiani Mezzera Singeing
Singeing and impregnation for desizing range

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Maximum speed: 120 m/min
Burner: 2 (movable w/ variable intensities)
Temperature control: thermo regulator
Washing: intense and efficient liquor washing
Fabric type: woven
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Washing Line
Open width washing
EFI Mezzera design and manufacturing washing line merges tradition and innovation into a reliable and versatile machine with the utmost care to reduce polluting agents and water consumption.

EFI Reggiani Mezzera Activa

Open width continuous washing range roller type

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Working temperature: up to 102°C
Thread-in: single and double
Application: wide versatility
Fabric type: woven
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Open width continuous washing range drum type

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Treatment chamber: single or doubledrum
Running mode: tensionless
Fabric type: woven and knitted
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After printing or dyeing open width/rope continuous washing range

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Working temperature: up to 98°C
Maximum mechanical speed: 80 m/min
Water consumption: 8 to 15 l/kg
Chemical dosage: automatic
Fabric type: woven and knitted
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Dyeing Line
Extremely delicate treatment for first class fibers
Addressed mainly to first class yarns market with very fine counts and where careful and delicate treatment is fundamental throughout the entire dyeing process.

EFI Reggiani Mezzera Jigger

High Temperature and Atmospheric Jiggers

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Print width: 1800 to 3600 mm
Max speed: 30 to 150 m/min
Roller batch diameter: 300 to 1400 mm
Driver: inverter
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Denim Line
Indigo dyeing and denim finishing
After many years of successful work and results, today EFI Mezzera offers indigo dyeing technology with sealed Nitrogen Reactor for all the dyeing styles.

Mezzera Denim

Loop dye

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Width: 1600-2000mm 
Max Speed:
45 m-min
Max Dips:
10 Indigo in 3 Boxes
Indigo Bath Volume:
4000 liters
Nitrogen Reactor equipped

Continuous Indigo Dye Range in Rope form

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Width: 1400-2800mm 
Max Speed: 50 m-min
Oxidation: 60m
Max Dips: 14 Indigo 
Counts: from Ne 6/1 to Ne 30/1
Nitrogen Reactor equipped
Denim Finishing
Denim Finishing treatment

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Width: 1600-2600mm
Max Speed: up to 150 m-min
Anti-selvedge twisting technology
Chemical Recovery and Auto preparation and dosing
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