EFI Mezzera Essetex

EFI Mezzera ESSETEX – Drum-type continuous treatment for open-width fabrics

Mezzera introduced the HWT concept more than 20 years ago on roller-type compartments. Now, it is working to its fullest in the ESSETEX. Before reaching the sprayers, the water is overheated by a heat exchanger up to 105°C; thus the fabric is treated with a mix of steam and water, providing an effective combination of thermal and mechanical energy.

EFI Reggiani Mezzera Essetex

The ESSETEX treatment unit is equipped with two large-diameter fluted drums individually driven by A.C. motors with frequency control through the inverter. For a perfect tension control with EFI Mezzera ESSETEX, fabric tension is measured in real time throughout the load cells and/or dancing rollers. This value is then relayed to the PLC and compared to the nominal value supplied by the operator. Synchronising motors automatically set any difference to zero through the inverter. This system, called “closed loop control,” is accurate, fast and, one of the most advanced washing technologies currently available in combination with short, centre-to-centre distances among drums and rollers. The closed loop control system makes the ESSETEX washing unit suitable for process-knitted fabric as well as woven fabrics with critical problems of stability, e.g., selvedges curling, high-tension sensitivity, and so on.