EFI Reggiani HYPER

Hyper quality and productivity beyond limits

Override your limits with outstanding printing quality, extreme design possibilities and the unparalleled speeds of the EFI™ Reggiani HYPER scan digital textile printer. The EFI Reggiani HYPER is the fastest scan digital textile printer in the market. Thanks to 72 new print heads available only on the HYPER and EFI Reggiani’s legacy continuous ink recirculation system, it is also a champion for uptime and reliability, maximizing the printer’s availability for production with excellent printing results


EFI Reggiani HYPER
At a glance
  • Fastest scan digital printer in the market, reaching an actual production speed of 2,717 lft/h (828 lm/h)
  • 72 new print heads available only on the HYPER with recirculation to the nozzle plate so it’s always ready to print
  • Proprietary continuous ink recirculation system to reduce maintenance at start up and during production
  • Outstanding printing quality and extreme design versatility thanks to a wide range of printing modes
  • Longitudinal belt movement control for superior printing accuracy