63 to 79 in

Working width

148 ft/min

Max. speed

55 min


10 indigo in 3 boxes

Max. dips

4000 liters

Indigo bath volume

Nitrogen reactor


The pioneer in indigo loop dyeing

The EFI™ Mezzera LOOP/SLASHER line is equipped with two next-generation nitrogen reactors and four indigo-topping boxes. This provides the utmost flexibility to produce unmatched indigo dyeing results. The extremely high fixation rate achieved by the longer oxidation and airing passage allows for superior fastnesses and indigo penetration.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Indigo nitrogen technology
– Counts Ne 6/1 to Ne 60/1
– Speed from 82 to 148 ft/min
– Flexible configuration from 1 to 3 nitrogen reactors
– Complete automatic chemical dosing and color kitchen 
– 5 to 12 boxes configuration
– Up to 4.5% indigo intensity

Key benefits

– Maximum flexibility in bottoming, topping, and indigo dyeing
– Environmentally friendly indigo dyeing machine
– Lowest dye bath in the range with 3000 liters of total color
– Very high fastness and indigo depth
– 35% chemical reduction thanks to inert environment
– 30% less energy consumption


EFI Mezzera DENIM Line

EFI Mezzera DENIM Line

Continuous indigo rope, warp dye range, and denim fabric finishing range.

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