EFI Mezzera ROPE

55 to 110 in

Working width

164 ft/min

Max. speed

60 min


14 indigo

Max. dips

Ne 6/1 to Ne 30/1


Nitrogen reactor


The leader in indigo rope dyeing

The EFI™ Mezzera ROPE line offers high production and throughput, easy operation, high fixation rates, and superior brightness and color fastness.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Unique indigo nitrogen technology in rope form
– One to 3.5 tons per day
– Flexible configuration from one to six nitrogen reactors
– Complete automatic chemical dosing and color kitchen 
– 40-60 minutes average oxidation-airing
– 6 to 12 boxes configuration
– Up to 5.0% indigo intensity saturation

Key benefits

– Maximum flexibility in bottoming, topping, indigo dyeing
– Very high fastness and indigo depth
– 20% boxes reduction with nitrogen technology
– 35% chemicals reduction thanks to inert environment


EFI Mezzera DENIM Line

EFI Mezzera DENIM Line

Continuous indigo rope, warp dye range, and denim fabric finishing range.

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